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18 May 2016

Here we are once again in the beautiful coastal town of Porec in Croatia. Making waves in the leadership space !

A Word on Diversity

This month, we ran workshops on the subjects of ‘diversity’ and ‘teamwork’ with two very different groups of professionals: lawyers and geologists.

Interesting to see how these two groups  have  their own ‘dress code’ i.e. styles of behaviour, ways of speaking and acting, that visibly differentiate their professions.  There is both a need and a desire for a certain level of conformity. And the truth is; we tend to want to work with people ‘like us’.

And yet. Beneath the surface, is a fascinating range of invisible differences: ideas, beliefs, perspectives, talents and capabilities. This is 'gold' for organisations who value fresh thinking, innovative ideas and creative solutions to complex issues.

Balancing our need to fit in, and be true to who we are, is a human journey. The organisation can support or constrain people in this regard. Many pay lip service to the diversity idea but the challenge is to  move beyond the rhetoric. Rhetoric is boring. Diversity is intriguing. It’s also often complex, irrational and  confusing. Deal with that. Beware of  neatly packaged solutions. You can’t strike gold without getting your hands dirty

Graphic Facilitation

Nick Payne is a Graphic Facilitator who spent the last nine years using live graphics as a tool for facilitation, education & presentation. We'll be at his workshop this month in Zagreb.. 

The Flow Game

The start of the year is traditionally a time of new beginnings, hopes and fears. Our Associate, Jan Nielsen, is one of the co-creators of an innovative personal development tool called 'The Flow Game'.


On January 6, he hosted a game for a small group of us in Brussels. Those present, shared their primary professional intention for the year ahead, and, through the game, were challenged, guided and inspired to take the next step(s) with clarity and with confidence.


Since it's inception in 1998, The Flow Game has been played in many different contexts across the world from board room to village, from homes to leadership programmes, with individuals as well as with teams. 

To know more about the Flow Game, and how contact Jan Nielsen or Cate Valentine

Participatory Leadership in Croatia

Our event in beautiful Porec was everything we hoped, and more. Those who came were engaged as active participants of their own learning from the first day. They left the session with new knowledge, insights, tools and techniques - for themselves, and for their organisanisations. It was also a rare chance for them to reflect, relax and renew their energy for what lies ahead. As a hosting team, we were inspired by the people we met. Our commitment to continue to meet this need is stronger than ever.  

Watch this space for future dates and locations for this unique learning experience. 

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